Great Basin Desert

The sprawling Great Basin Desert gives North America a cold, interior rain shadow desert to rival Asia’s Gobi Desert. Haunted by the harsh winters of its 6,000–7,000-foot (2,000–2,333 m) elevation, screened from rain by the towering Sierra Nevadas and California to...

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Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is a jagged, angular land of staggering extremes. It contains the lowest, hottest place in North America, a great underground river, places of bizarre beauty, a terrible earthquake fault, dead lakes, low basins, and strange and resourceful plants...

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Sonoran Desert

The towering, bristling, water-hoarding saguaro cactus cluster thickly across the Sonoran desert corrugations of Saguaro National Monument in Arizona, brooding over a mystery. The defining plant of the Sonoran Desert, the largest of the saguaro are 200 years old, 50 feet...

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