Lake Vänern

On a map of Sweden, Lake Vänern would take a big fresh bite out of the country’s middle. About 2,150 square miles (5,600 km2) in extent, it is 87 miles long (140 km) and decorated with a large archipelago of islands...

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Lake Titicaca

The name of this lake means Stone Puma, a puma being a mountain lion. Lake Titicaca is indeed a large creature of the mountains. Lying on a vast, high plateau between two arcs of the Andes Mountains, it is the highest...

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Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, in Russia’s southeastern Siberia, is an immense, deep, coldwater terrain, shaped like a sideways exclamation mark without the dot. It shares significant superlatives with Lake Superior. Superior is the freshwater lake with the greatest surface area of any in...

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